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Kingston Aeros Competitive Program

Competitive Team

Recreational athletes demonstrating advancing skill and enhanced motivation, may be invited by the coach to join Aeros' Competitive Team.  This core group of athletes and their parents form the heart of the KATC and represents a significant commitment to the sport and to the club.  Joining the competitive program is a large commitment on both athlete and family.  Normally an athlete will join the competitive program as a pre-competitive athlete.  Competitive athletes will compete against other trampoline athletes in Ontario and Canada at either the inter-club (pre-competitive), provincial, or national levels.


Pre-competitive athletes will normally jump a minimum of 6 hours per week.  They will work together with the more advanced athletes to increase their skills and refine their form to prepare themselves for future competition.  Inter-club competitions are used to expose pre-competitive athletes to the stresses of competition.  Athletes will normally acquire club tracksuits, but are not required to have club competition uniforms.


Competitive athletes will normally jump 9 or more hours per week.  The specific amount will be determined in consultation with the coach.  Training hours may vary as competitions approach.  Competitive athletes will compete at either the provincial or national level through a series of qualifying meets during the season.  Those that qualify may be invited to attend the Provincial, Eastern Canadian and/or National Championships.


If you are interested in trying out, please give us a call today!

Aeros Competitive Athletes



                   Brent                                        Soren                                     Niall                                         Ben


                         Clare                                  Julia                                 Addie                                 Rachel


                    Nathaniel                                   Shayla                                  Anica                                   Kyra


                                                             Anthony                                  Isabelle

Competitive Coaches


                                    Graeme                                         Melinda                                       Sean

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