frequently asked questions


What age are your programs for?

All of our programs are for participants 4 years old and up - even adults!

Do you offer a family discount?

For our classes, there is a 5% discount for a second participant and 10% for a third.

For camps, we have sibling pricing. Check out our camp info here!

What is the Gymnastics Ontario fee?

The Gymnastics Ontario (GO) fee is renewable every July 1st and is valid through until June 30th. All participants in our programs are registered with Gymnastics Ontario. The fee covers insurance for any program, camp, event, or class at any Gymnastics Ontario affiliated club within that year & is transferable between clubs.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, VISA, MC & e-transfer.

What do participants wear to class?

Participants should wear comfortable clothing (no jeans please) and can jump in socks or bare feet. All dangling jewelry must be removed and long hair must be tied back out of the face for both boys and girls.

How are your classes run & what are your gym rules?

Class times are divided by age purely for participant comfort. What a participant learns is based on personal ability. In each class, our coaches will keep track of what each individual is working on so in any given group, there will be participants working on different skills and levels. No one is pushed too far or held back because of a group. Everyone learns at their own rate!

At the beginning of a session, participants are divided in to groups of 6. Each group has 2 NCCP trained and certified coaches teaching. After a warm-up and stretch, participants take turns (one person on a trampoline at a time only) and turns are timed with a timer. Coaches will teach skills to participants during their turns. In between turns, participants are encouraged to use our double-mini trampolines, where a coach will teach participants to do skills off of them and on to large, soft mats. Participants get a great workout while learning trampoline skills and having fun while doing so!

Gym rules:

  • One person on a trampoline at a time
  • Long hair tied back out of the face for boys and girls
  • Stop-bounce and walk off the trampoline
  • No attempting a skill without the permission of a coach
  • Two feet, one surface - no one foot landings!
  • Face the long way when jumping, no facing the sides
  • Keep your height medium and under control
  • Always jump on the cross!
  • Listen to your coach and have fun!


Your trampolines are above-ground and there are no nets. Won't participants fall?

The design of the trampolines we use helps participants to stay in the middle. If someone jumps away from the cross in the middle of the bed, the physics of the bed and placement of the springs will gently push the participant back to the centre. Unlike many other trampoline places, our trampolines are also completely separate from each other so there is no energy transfer from one trampoline to the other. Participants must also stop-bounce and walk off the trampolines. Even though our trampolines have 5 times the bounce of a regular trampoline, our equipment combined with the guidance of our amazing coaching staff and our safety rules means that everyone enjoying our programs is safe!

Do I need to stay for my child's class?

Parents are welcome to stay and have a seat in our viewing area during class but it is not required. If you have errands to run or want to go for coffee, be assured that your child is in excellent hands with our trained and certified professional coaches! 

Do you offer open gym times?

For safety reasons, we do not offer open gym at this time.

Do you work with participants with special needs?

We believe that everyone needs physical activity so we encourage everyone to give our programs a try! Our coaches are excellent at adapting to each individual participant and we work with participants on the autism spectrum, with low vision, mobility differences and more. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can get you involved with our programs!

What happens if a class is cancelled due to weather?

All participants will be notified of any class cancellations at least 2 hours before the start of their class. Participants will be contacted by phone or email and we will also post on social media.

Do you offer trial classes?

Space permitting, participants can try a class with no obligation. New participants usually cannot wait until their next class!